Support for Caliper - How Caliper Works with Kaltura Extensions and KAF

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What is Caliper?

IMS Global has developed a standard that allows you to collect analytics from different locations into one repository, in most cases the LMS.  To read more about Caliper – visit the IMS global page.

Sending KAF Analytics to the LMS via Caliper

A designated module is available in the KAF Administration Page that allows administrators to send KAF analytics in the Caliper standard. Please reach out to Kaltura Customer Care or your CSM to request that the Caliper Module to be enabled in your KAF Administration Page.

After the Caliper Module is enabled, the following three fields are preset and designed to work out of the box with the LMS’s LTI workflows: 






LTI attribute that contains the URL of the Caliper Access Service on the Tool Consumer.




LTI attribute that contains Federated Session ID value.




Set the authorization scheme that will be set in the value of the Authorization header. The default is 'no-scheme’, which means that the header value is the API key received from the Caliper Profile Service.


Please note: not all LMSs support the collection or display of Caliper metadata.

Sending the Caliper Analytics to an LRS

Kaltura supports the ability to send the Caliper data to a LRS (Learning Record Store) directly instead of sending the data to the LMS.

When you want to use Caliper, your LMS does not provide Caliper information dynamically in the LTI launch (in the form of custom_caliper_service_url parameter). You can configure the Caliper Module in KAF to send Caliper events to a static Caliper endpoint in your LRS using a one-time API key.

To do so, set the ‘directCaliperIntegrationEnable’ to “YES” to send the metadata directly to an LRS and provide values for the following 3 fields:




The URL in your LRS that accepts Caliper


API Key to use when sending Caliper events to the LRS


Sensor ID to set in the Caliper events, if needed

Please contact your LRS representative and ask them to provide you with the required information. 

Does the Caliper Module work with Kaltura MediaSpace?

No, the Caliper Module is not available for KMS. The Caliper Module depends on the ‘Hosted’ module which is only available in KAF. 

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