Kaltura Application Developer - Getting Started

To get set up with your fresh Kaltura environment, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new FREE Kaltura account - http://corp.kaltura.com/free-trial
    1. Open the welcome email from Kaltura, and activate your account by setting a new password
  2. Visit the Kaltura API Client Libraries page at http://www.kaltura.com/api_v3/testme/client-libs.php
  3. And download the client library in the programming language of your choice
  4. In the client library folder, you will find samples and unit-tests that will guide your way in creating a Kaltura API driven video app!

For Player embed and samples, visit - http://player.kaltura.com

The following sample applications will ease your way in learning the Kaltura API:

  1. http://www.kaltura.org/demos/listentries/
  2. http://www.kaltura.org/demos/tagseditor/
  3. For more samples and Kaltura's projects source code visit https://github.com/kaltura/

To get deeper with the Kaltura APIs, visit:The Kaltura API Documentation Set


Happy hacking!