The Kaltura Video Platform Architecture Overview

This article describes the Kaltura Video Platform Architecture.

To learn more about The Kaltura Architecture Framework that is part of the Kaltura Video Platform Architecture, see Understanding the Kaltura Application Framework.

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Introduction to Kaltura’s Video Platform

Kaltura’s video platform is a modular system that exposes different web-services and that may be deployed in several deployment modes to support different levels of scale. Kaltura’s platform comes in different editions, including the Kaltura-hosted SaaS edition, managed by Kaltura for single publishers and Value Added Resellers (VARs), as well as in several licensing modes of the, self-hosted, Kaltura On-Prem™ edition: Kaltura Community Edition, Kaltura On-Prem™ for Publishers and Kaltura OnPrem™ for OEMs.

This article provides a description of Kaltura’s main service layers, system components and their recommended setup based on several scales of deployments. The article also recommends Kaltura’s ‘best practices’ for system architecture design, to be considered when planning self-hosted deployments of Kaltura’s platform.

Overview of Logical Layers

Kaltura’s online video platform relies on a modular software infrastructure, designed to enable flexible usage of Kaltura’s technologies and features. There are 5 main layers in Kaltura’s platform:

Kaltura Core Technologies

The following diagram illustrates the logical layout of Kaltura’s Online Video Platform layers. 


Overview of Functional Components

The platform's logical layers, described in the previous section, are implemented using several different functional components that are listed in this section. Some of the components must be deployed as part of the core platform (i.e. the service will not operate without them), and some are optional, whereby the decision for their deployment is derived from the applicative needs and/or from the necessary scale of the deployment. All optional components are operable as part of Kaltura SaaS edition deployment.



Overview of Physical Setup

The physical deployment of the Kaltura platform is flexible and should be tailored according to the size and applicative needs of the specific site deployment.  For optimal resource utilization as well as security reasons, Kaltura platform deployment should be separated to a front-end layer and a back-end layer.






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