Kaltura REACH

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Introduction to Kaltura REACH

Kaltura REACH is the Kaltura service for providing Captions and Translations. Kaltura REACH supports captioning, transcription and translation services, in-video and cross-library search and discovery, deep-linking capabilities, and metadata and keyword extraction. With Kaltura REACH, organizations can access global audiences, comply with government regulations and industry standards, and capture accurate data.

Kaltura REACH includes a full end to end process for caption ordering and return.

For general information on setup please see the Kaltura REACH Setup and Walkthrough Guide.

REACH provides you with the following abilities:

  • You can request captions/translations through Kaltura via the KMC or KMS/KAF application.
  • Caption requests can be authorized through the KMS/KAF or your portfolio if customer authorization is enabled.
  • All completed caption requests are automatically returned to your KMS/KAF or KMC
  • Caption Files are seamlessly integrated.
  • Transcript Files and widget - follow video, search in video, present md & keywords, download/print transcript
  • Related Files: JSON (per word timed transcript)

and much more.

Kaltura REACH Documentation Guides

The following information about Kaltura's REACH procedures, features and tips is available.

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