Kaltura Player Toolkit

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Introducing the Player Toolkit

The Kaltura Player Toolkit enables users to lead video delivery with HTML5 and provide the fastest viewing experience on any device, while maintaining all the same features and a consistent CSS/HTML player design. Kaltura Players v2 enable delivery of HTML5 with Chromeless components for Flash, iOS and Android.

The key advantages of the Kaltura Players v2 are:

  • High performance full featured lead with HTML5

    Most players display in 1 second or less.

  • Skins configured once with standard HTML / CSS

  • Better support for additional platforms; iOS and Android player components.

  • Support for all features across multiple platforms: See player.kaltura.com.

Technical Overview

Basic Look and Feel of the Kaltura Player v2

The following illustrates the basic look and feel of the Kaltura Player v2.

Mouse Over Scrubber

  • Thumbnails display on playhead scrubbing on mouse over.

Responsive Player Layout

  • Thumb up/down rating
  • Smaller players / screens keep important controls. 

Improved Related Videos Experience

  • Enhanced related videos interface

  • Flexible options for related video fulfillment

  • Events for tracking conversion/retainment

Playlists and Chapters

  • Flexible HTML plugins for playlists and chapters with support for inheriting site styles

Improved Adaptive Streaming Support

  • Chromeless Flash HLS
    • Supports HLS on desktop browsers for simplified live broadcast ad stitching workflows
    • Encrypted Media Extension support web delivery of DRM and content control
    • Multi-track audio
    • More detailed analytics on quality of services metrics
    • Note: The browsers that are projected to support MPEG DASH: IE 11 (Windows, Xbox, phone;) Chrome (Desktop & Android), Firefox (Desktop)

Improved Share Interface In Player or On Page

  • Robust Configurable Share Options
    • Support for sharing specific time offsets
    • iframe or Flash object embed options
    • Deep linking to specific URLs for each video: (example: myDomain.com/videos/{entryid}


Improved Accessibility: 508 and WebVTT

  • Industry leading 508 support
  • 508 by default – all new framework players include 508 compliant features
  • Integrated framework for making all new plugins accessible
  • Uses HTML for controls: offers more integrated accessible features than Flash players

iOS, Android, HTML, Flash all in One

  • Maximize ROI on your distribution strategy across native apps and web views. 
  • Architecture for reusable plugins and configuration across platforms
  • Seamlessly integrate advanced live broadcasts streaming and DRM 

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