Kaltura MediaSpace 5 and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) Release Notes and Changelog

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In this document you will find all the release notes pertaining Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF).

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Release notes list:

KMS Version Date Released Details
 5.60.12  May 22, 2017 Click here for Details

Older KMS release notes can be found here.


Version 5.60.12

These release notes pertain to Kaltura "KMS (MediaSpace) version 5.60.12", released on May 22, 2017. 

What's New for both KMS and KAF:

  • IVQ analytics – We have improved the CSV and printable version reports produced by the IVQ. (1)
  • KMS admin changes
    • Manage Users page – In the Manage Users section we added another option to search by user ID. (2)
    • Login page – The KMS Admin login page title will now be taken from the Title field in the Application module. This will allow Admins to differentiate between instances when there are multiple instances on the account. (3)

What's New in KMS:

  • KMS Go – As part of the new release of KMS Go, we have added a new module to KMS called KMSAPI that will allow you to setup your mobile app configuration. Please refer to KMS Go release notes for more inforamtion. (4)
  • Accessibilty "Contrast" buttonThis new KMS module will allow you to enable the Contrast button. Currently only supoprted on the old UI (new UI support will be added in the next release). (5)
  • Changes to the "Add New" button  A new option was added to hide/show the "Add New" button in KMS for guests/anonymous users.(6)

What's New in KAF:

  • In the works...



KMS/KAF Related

SUP-10645 Issue when using the BSE to embed a Youtube entry KAF
SUP-10898 Issue when submitting Multi Stream Entries As Assignments KAF
SUP-10787 Spelling mistake in Spanish KMS
SUP-10570 Cielo24 caption information is cut off in the new UI KMS/KAF
SUP-10939 KMS URL containing ">" sign causes issues with certain SAML system KMS


Known Limitations



KMS/KAF Related

KMS-13920 Samsung S7 doesn't show the right KMS icon when saving the KMS homepage to the phone's desktop. KMS
SUP-10594 The Comments count is updated only after page refresh. KMS/KAF



(1) KMS-13884; (2) KMS-13536; (3) KMS-13843; (4) KNI-877; (5) KMS-13993; (6) KMS-13507


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