Kaltura Audit-Trail - Viewer Example Application

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The object that is created for each event is KalturaAuditTrail. It may be created as result of each one of the actions in KalturaAuditTrailAction on any of the object types in KalturaAuditTrailObjectType.

Description of Actions

Automatic events:

  • CHANGED - Object changed in the database
  • COPIED - Object created in the database by cloning existing object
  • CREATED - Object created in the database
  • DELETED - Object status changed to deleted (in fact this object wasn’t deleted from the database)
  • FILE_SYNC_CREATED - File saved to the disc, related to the object

Additional events that could be reported using the API, not automatic, and as such could be triggered when the customer think it’s relevant:



Adding and listing the events can be done by the API service using the Audit Trail service.


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