How to display the Source Selector options in pixels instead of bitrate?

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To change the display of the Source Selector in the player

  1. Log in to your KMC, then select Studio and Universal Studio.


  2. Click on the player you want to edit(be certain the player is a v2 player), then click the plugins icon(shaped like a plug).


  3. Enable the Source Selector plugin, then expand the Ui Variables tab.


  4. Click add, then add the following keys and value pairs:

    Key: mediaProxy.displayFlavorPixels 
    Value: true

    Key:  flavorComboControllerScreen.usePixels 
    Value: mediaProxy.displayFlavorPixels 

    Note: Do not copy the words "key" nor "value". 

  5. After adding the last UI variable, click Save Player Settings to apply the changes.

The names of the flavors are displayed in pixels instead of bitrate.