How to use the Flavors tab?

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The Flavors tab in the Edit Entry window allows you to manage the flavors that are available as well as replace media files and their transcoding flavors.

Use the flavors tab to:

  • Add video or audio media to a new entry you created (when the entry status is No Media).
  • Replace the media of an existing entry (when the entry status is Ready or Error).
  • View the list of flavors that the system created for an entry and apply the following actions:
    • Preview or delete a flavor.
    • Download the transcoded file to your desktop.
    • Upload a file from your desktop you that transcoded on your own, to serve as a flavor for an entry.
    • Upload a file from a drop folder to set as the transcoding flavor.
    • Import the flavor from a URL.
    • Convert or reconvert to transcode an entry to additional flavors.
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