FAQ - Legacy KMC vs. New KMC

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What is the new Kaltura Management Console (KMC)

Our new and improved HTML5-based Kaltura Management Console (KMC) is the result of an 18-months long journey by a dedicated team of Kaltura's top engineers. What began as a project to de-Flash all of the components that make up the KMC and offer our Admin users a fully HTML5-based interface, became much more ambitious than that. It has given us the opportunity to create a stronger and richer infrastructure, re-evaluate existing workflows and re-think the user experience. The result is a redesigned HTML-based KMC with additional features and functionality, better performance and an infrastructure that provides a consistent and engaging user experience across the entire platform and far greater flexibility for us to develop more exciting functionalities for the KMC. 

Do I need to install the new KMC to get started? 

No installation or migration required. Simply use this link and you're good to go!

Do I need new credentials to log in? 

No. Your current log in information applies. Use the same credentials as your legacy KMC.

What happens to my legacy KMC now? 

In the coming months the new KMC will work in parallel with the legacy KMC. Both versions have access to the same data, so you will be able to fallback to the legacy KMC whenever needed. Both versions will include links to the other version to make it easy for you to transition back and forth if and when needed. 

When will you sunset the legacy KMC?

It is planned for Q1 2019.

What's New in the New KMC?

The new KMC includes many of the same features as the legacy KMC as well as new capabilities; the ability to view YouTube entries in the KMC, new entry distribution, updated navigation, and bulk edit for collaborators. Product updates are available in the change log within the KMC. As noted above, we've provide links within each version to make it easy for you to transition back and forth. 

I love the new KMC, but I'm missing the analytics. 

Analytics is one of Kaltura's strategic investment areas in 2018-2019. Over the past year we’ve been building a completely new analytics infrastructure that will be rolled out in phases and available in its entirety in the new KMC in Q1 2019. At that time we will sunset the legacy KMC. The current release of the new KMC includes support for live analytics only. For all other media, please continue to use the legacy KMC to view your analytics and create reports. In the meantime, links to both versions will be included to make it easy to transition from one version to the other as needed. 

How will I know which functionality has been added to the KMC?

All this information is available in the change log within the KMC. Go to the 'Help Menu' and click on the question mark. In addition, as with all our other products, periodic updates on new feature releases will be communicated via our Product Update Newsletter. If you are not subscribed to our newsletter and would like to be added to our distribution list, please let your Customer Success Manager know. 

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