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The Kaltura Video Platform Architecture Overview

This document provides a description of Kaltura’s main service layers, system components and their recommended setup based on several scales of deployments. The document also recommends Kaltura’s ‘best practices’ for system architecture design, to be considered when planning self-hosted deployments of Kaltura’s platform. This document targets technical readers who are wishing to familiarize themselves with the structure, components, and different physical setup considerations for installing and deploying the Kaltura platform.

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Federated Search for MediaSpace and KAF-based Applications

Overview of the Federated Search for KMS and KAF-based Applications

As adoption of Kaltura products like MediaSpace and KAF-based extensions continues to grow, there is increasing demand to make content published in these applications discoverable in other customer properties. These fall, traditionally, into two main “Intranet” categories: 

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