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Getting started with the Kaltura API



Kaltura API Guides

The series of guides below are what we recommend as proper training steps in using Kaltura's API to integrate Kaltura functionality to websites and applications and create custom Kaltura applications.

Read the guides in-order, or find the specific answers you are looking for and let us know if we're missing a guide.

 Guide Summary  What will you learn 
Introduction to the Kaltura API Architecture Kaltura provides server APIs for every core feature. You can use the Kaltura API to incorporate Kaltura features in web applications and web sites. Learn the basics of the Kaltura API and API architecture.
Kaltura API Usage Guidelines The Kaltura API is flexible, easy to access, and simple to use. Learn how to access and use the Kaltura API.
Kaltura API and TestMe Console Introduction A basic introduction to the Kaltura "TestMe" Console - A tool that provides interaction with Kaltura API calls using a simple user interface. What is the Kaltura TestMe Console and how to use it to test API calls.
Kaltura's API Authentication and Security Protecting personal user data, video streaming and limiting access to features are at the heart of the Kaltura Media Asset Management Platform. This guide will take you through the basic concepts and practices of authentication and security in the Kaltura API v3. Learn about Kaltura's API authentication and security options and how to use the Kaltura Session.

The Kaltura Media Access Control Model

An Access Control Profile defines authorized and restricted domains where your content can or cannot be displayed, countries from which it can or cannot be viewed, white and black lists of IP addresses and authorized and unauthorized domains and devices in which your media can be embedded. Learn the details of Kaltura’s Access Control Model and how to use it through sample code.
Introduction to Kaltura Client Libraries Kaltura client libraries are SDKs in numerous programming languages that provide easy access to the Kaltura API and facilitate developing Kaltura applications. Learn about Kaltura client libraries, where to download the clients, and how to use client libraries in your applications.
Kaltura Android SDK — Reference Application: Implementation Guide The Kaltura Android Software Development Kit (SDK)  Reference Application demonstrates how to use the Kaltura Android SDK with native Android applications. Learn how the Kaltura Android SDK Reference Application is implemented.
Kaltura iOS SDK — Reference Application: Implementation Guide The Kaltura iOS Software Development Kit (SDK)  Reference Application demonstrates how to use the Kaltura iOS SDK with native iOS applications.  Learn how the Kaltura iOS SDK Reference Application is implemented.
The Kaltura Thumbnail API The Thumbnail API provides an easy interface to dynamically manipulate images or video snapshots to be used as thumbnails. Using the thumbnail API it is possible to resize, cropped versions of the original Kaltura video thumbnail, a specific frame from in the video and manipulate the thumbnail image and various ways.

Learn how to use the Kaltura Thumbnail API to modify and create thumbnails on the fly.

How To Create a Video Thumbnail Rotator in JavaScript Case Study of using Kaltura's Thumbnail API to create a rotating video thumbnail.

The steps to create a Video Thumbnail Rotator in JavaScript.

How To Handle Kaltura Server Notifications in PHP Often applications require the ability to respond to asynchronous events that occurred on the Kaltura server. For example, when a Media Entry was uploaded, finished transcoding or any other status update. 

This guide will take you through the steps of listening to these events, called Server Notifications, how to parse the data carried in these notifications and respond properly in your applications.

Introduction to Kaltura's Cross-Platform Media Players Kaltura's flexible HTML5 and Adobe OSMF (Flash)-based media players provide media online publishing solutions that are easy to use and embed.

Learn about the Kaltura Media Players and how to play Kaltura Media in your applications.

JavaScript API for Kaltura Media Players Kaltura's powerful media player JavaScript API enables you to design flexible, multifaceted interaction with the player.

Learn how to integrate the Kaltura media player in your web applications and call the player's JavaScript API.

Creating Kaltura Server Plugins A Kaltura server plugin extends Kaltura server functionality, such as services and batches. You create a server plugin to rapidly and cost-effectively expand upon the core Kaltura platform for your own specific use case, create an application to publish to the community, and potentially generate revenue from your contribution to the Kaltura system through the Kaltura Application Exchange.

Learn how to expand the Kaltura system using server plugins.

Kaltura API Release Notes for Falcon

The release notes pertain to the Kaltura API changes for Falcon, released July, 2012. Learn what's new in the Falcon version of the Kaltura API: Event Notification Changes, Category Enhancements, Entitlement - Category Changes, Entitlement - categoryUser Changes, Entitlement - categoryEntry Changes, Entitlement Additions, New EntryOrderBy Changes, Bulk Upload Changes, Documents Image Flavor Changes

Sample Applications with Source Code

The Kaltura GitHub profile features various applications with full open source code, that can be used as reference samples.

The following links review few of the selected sample applications:

  1. Listing Kaltura Entries, PHP. (featuring the use of Filters and Pagers) 
  2. Creating a Paid-for Content Gallery with Access Control and PayPal API
  3. Implementing a Smarter Archive Tags Management - The Tags Editor
  4. Mobile App for Moderation – The “kModerate” Case Study (HTML5 Mobile App using Sencha Touch)
  5. Facebook Page Tab Application with Kaltura Video Gallery
  6. Automating Content Migration using Kaltura's XML Bulk Upload Ingestion - Sample Scripts
  7. Listing (Dumping) All Content in a Kaltura Account and Export to Excel - Advanced Archive Listing
  8. How To Increase Video SEO Using In-Video Chapters Driven By Cue-Points 

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